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  • PTSD: Leaving the Past Behind

    Two years ago, Cpl. Michael Egan stepped on an Improvised Explosive Device during his last foot patrol in Afghanistan before heading back to the United States. He lost both legs above the knee, sustained countless  [Read more...]

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    What I Learned Working with Wounded Warriors

    For the last three years I have served as the chaplain to the Wounded Warrior Regiment providing pastoral care to wounded, ill and injured Marines, their family members and the military and civilian staff who  [Read more...]

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    Marine Stuntman: Circus to Corps

    Strip 1st Lt. Scott T. Wilson of rank, uniform, and the title of Marine. See him as a lean, tall gentleman in his thirties. Now imagine him being lit on fire, jumping out of a  [Read more...]

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    Core Values a Family Affair for Father, Daughter

    With frequent moves and deployments a common factor shared by all Marines, they are afforded the unique opportunity to work with individuals whom they never would have met as civilians. What is even more unique  [Read more...]

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