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Archive for December, 2010

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    Where REAL Marines are made: East or West

    Marines. The few. The proud. Way more than a slogan, it truly is a way of life. Many mistake the pride that accompanies earning the title “Marine” with arrogance or an inflated ego too big  [Read more...]

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    Adapt and Overcome

    Editors Note: Adapt and overcome: many Marines have applied this motto to cope with the stresses of combat and returning home. Some hunt. Some write stories or blogs. Many wrap themselves up in their hobbies.  [Read more...]

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    ‘The brotherhood of the team’

    We’ve seen it in the movies, and many enlisted Marines may agree, there is a certain skepticism about brand new officers. So, when I got the opportunity to speak with a midshipman playing in the  [Read more...]

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    Dual active duty life — one family’s story

    Cpl. Nichole Werling and her husband have three children, ages one, six and eight. “The switch from civilian to Marine brought some dynamics into our lives I had not considered before I joined” she said. “I have found that along with the benefits of military life, there are also near constant sacrifices on the family, especially the children.”

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    Back to Our ‘Amphibious Roots’

    Public Affairs Officer for II Marine Expeditionary Force In the summer of 2008, then commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. James T. Conway, released a message to all Marines and sailors commanding them to reestablish  [Read more...]