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Women in Combat – Will it happen?

On June 12, 1948, President Harry Truman signed into law the Women’s Armed Services Integration Act. The Act gave women permanent status in the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marines. The services became an All-Volunteer Force in 1973, and since then, women have increasingly become more involved in all levels of military services.

Today’s battles are being fought beyond the traditional “front lines.”  Females have been awarded with medals of valor and have embedded with male counterparts to engage the enemy. With the battlefields growing more abstract, new questions have been asked as to what the true impact of allowing women into combat-related job fields may be .

Current combat exclusion policies restrict females in the Marine Corps from serving in the infantry and prohibits them from being assigned to units with the greatest physical risks. Along with infantry, females cannot serve in artillery, tanks or amphibious vehicle job fields.

A recent survey conducted by the Washington post says 7 in 10 Americans support allowing women in combat. What are your thoughts?

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205 Responses

  1. Krystle DuPree says:


  2. Rondell Ladarris Henderson says:

    That’s right! Whitney Houston is every woman!

  3. Kevin Whiteman says:

    How many red-blooded American men would want their daughter/wife/sister/mother in some filthy Afghan outpost with X amount of male Marines for 6 months?
    Could someone PLEASE have some common sense prevail?

    Anyone who buys off on that “if she’s qualified” nonsense would also agree that “certain” 12-year-olds should be permitted to vote (Read here- )

  4. JaidenB4 says:

    Women going into combat is a good thing. It lets us have more people in the combat zone. I mean its would be different if they went out to battle and dying instantly. I think they should let it happen one time and see how women do. If they can pull their own weight let them stay, if more than 60% die don’t let it happen anymore.

  5. cwoxxxx says:

    boot camp… grooming standards… fitness standards… living spaces… everything needs to be the same… exactly the same! when that happens then i will be a big time supporter… but that is not how they are going to do it… they are going to tell everyone there is no difference… but clearly there will be!!! 3 pull-up for a man will mean one for a woman and they will say it is equal… let a male grow his hair and put it up in a bun… let them all take group showers, share rooms and squadbays like in recruit training or OCS… funny i was just told that female Marines checking into camp lejeune are told to steer clear of 2 MarDiv areas after 2200… why? are female Marines assaulting male Marines? i am all for women having military occupations available… but make sure the equality in it is truely equal!!!