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Venom of substance abuse

Editors Note:

The Department of Navy policy on use of synthetic chemical compounds or designer drugs, including synthetic marijuana substances like Spice is simple and clear – zero tolerance. Marine Corps personnel determined to be unlawfully using, possessing, promoting, manufacturing, or distributing synthetic chemical compounds or like substances and/or paraphernalia will be disciplined, as appropriate, and processed for administrative separation.   The DoN has the capability to test urine for designer and synthetic chemical compounds, like Spice. Testing of Department of Navy personnel for this substance is scheduled to begin March 2012.

This blog was originally posted on 15 November, 2011.


The use of designer drugs to simulate the same effects of marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamines is becoming popular in our culture, particularly, the psychoactive chemical product known as spice.

It’s sold at convenience stores and tobacco shops, marketed as incense or other products that are said to induce a “calming” effect.

According to Marine Administrate Message 579/10, many of these substances are not illegal under federal or state laws and they are easily obtained. Legal or not, they are reported to have harmful physical effects similar to those produced by illegal or controlled substances.

The first clue that trying out this “herbal incense” is not the best choice can be found on the product’s packaging: “Not for human consumption.”

The health risks associated with consuming spice are similar to cannabis. Patients being treated for abusing it showed the same signs as those withdrawing from other addictive substances. And, like any controlled substance, can have dangerous physical implications.

Knowing you can suffer internal unrest, tremor, panic attacks, delirium, impaired coordination, sleeplessness, seizures, palpitation, agitation, headache, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, paranoid hallucinations, confusion, mood disorders, loss of consciousness, and psychotic symptoms and consuming drugs is like ignoring the warning signs to not cross the wire into enemy lines.

Because some chemicals will not show up in routine testing, commanding officers do not need a positive urinalysis to begin administrative separations. One time use is enough for discharge, ruining a Marine’s career. And worse than the substance ruining your life, it can kill you or result in you hurting or killing others.

If a Marine is suspected or seen abusing illegal or synthetic substances, their chain of command or higher authorities should be notified immediately. You can do the right thing by helping a friend. You aren’t ruining their career, you’re saving their life.

Oftentimes, Marines reach a momentous top when they earned the Eagle Globe and Anchor. After accomplishing such a profound and difficult task our hearts swell with joy and we feel like we can see forever. Why would someone throw all the hard work and pride in the garbage for a “synthetic” good time?

It’s not legal; it’s not healthy; it’s not worth it.

For more information click here.

YouTube DoDLive Spice: It's Not Worth It

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50 Responses

  1. CabCalloway says:

    The venom of substance abuse? I love the hyperbole, someone must have been watching Reefer Madness while they were writing this.

  2. Reggie2252 says:

    You just give it a while this stuff is bad news . A lot of 14 year old’s are in the hospital or worse said the same thing this stuff is made to control you and not to entertain you and it will . My self I sorry ever saw a cig ‘ and I ain’t sick yet

  3. Reggie2252 says:

     If you take this garbage you gotta be really stupid . You don’t know where it can from you don’t know where it’s been ; Most of all you don’t know what’s in it and how much of what ever is in it.

  4. Marine Mom says:

    Mr. Ghost,
    A study featured in the Washington Post’s December 2011 issue () featured some rather surprising conclusions. The National Institute and the World Anti-Doping Agency staffers’ and physicians’ revelations regarding marijuana use by athletes were very interesting. Just food for thought when considering the effects of marijuana on those who use it. Naturally, this study will be examined and  re-examined, held out as a defense for marijuana use, and dismissed by those who condemn marijuana’s supporters.

  5. Marine Mom says:

    Perhaps Elf Queen is referring to Marinol, a synthesized pill containing THC. The effects of the medication (which is not even on the Schedule for controlled drugs) are different than the effects experienced through smoking the marijuana. The Marinol comes in various doses and it is really effective with regard to pain, relaxation, and one’s stress levels definitely can be reduced. It is truly necessary to combine this medication with therapy, group or individual. While the effects of the Marinol are being experienced, it is immeasurably easier to talk about subjects that are affecting you negatively. So, in my humble opinion, that’s why the medication is so effective. And one dose lasts as long as 8 hours. Personally, I have to take my medication in the evening. I don’t feel that I would be mentally agile enough to deal with work issues while under the medication’s effects. However, if the dose is low enough, I can see that working while medicated would be possible. I just personally don’t want to have to deal with taking yet one more pill. So, I reserve mine (a higher dosage) for the evenings. Hope this is helpful. Look it up on the web. It’s made by UCB Pharamceuticals.

  6. Michael Lasley says:

    This information is so misleading and false.  Spice is stupid Never tried it never will. But the information given about it is false. the “Very little is known” they know exactly what the chemical is and what it does to the human body. Any chemical manufactured or processed in the united states must contain a material safety data sheet. Which includes information on the effects it does to the body. LOL. Suicide is not one of them. Can someone get sop overwhelmed they only think of one way to stop it? Yes, but that goes for anything in life. Suicide rate is highest during tax season.

    I can only Imagine how much of my money is going for the testing of spice. My uncle who served as a grunt in vietnam was exposed to agent orange and has cancer. treatment is too expensive so he smokes weed for the pain. It will be that way until he dies. Couldnt the money go to the treatment of people with exposure to highly toxic chemicals which are causing birth defects of My fellow devil dogs children. This country cares about one thing, It aint my Marines and it aint its people. The moment the VA stops “losing” my paper work is the moment I will regain faith in my government.

  7. ThinkDunson says:

    No it doesn’t. To the user, you could be throwing away your career; to the narc, what’s more important, their career or their life? Both perfectly valid, even when taken together.

  8. ThinkDunson says:

    You used ‘other’ too many times, and you could have gotten your point off just as well without ‘who are grammatically correct’. Therefore, it would have been better without it. Two mistakes are two too many for continued membership in the grammar nazi internal affairs division.

    Also, although he did use it incorrectly, you failed to mention that an ellipsis can be used also to indicate an unfinished thought trailing off at the… Well, you get the point.

  9. Abc123 says:

    Yet again,
    1. Terrible grammar.
    2. Terrible punctuation
    3. Don’t capitalize every word. -_-4. You don’t understand the concept of why they don’t allow it. 

  10. Abc123 says:

    1. Your grammar is horrible.

    2. 3.0? Wow, that’s so amazing! 

  11. BIANCA WHITES says:

    i smoke but im still an honors student with a GPA of a 3.0 if you wana be real dnt judge us potheads

  12. BIANCA WHITES says:

    Well If Weed Is That Bad Why Do Doctors Give It Out As A Medication Or Watever Lols Buht Either Way I Believe Smoking Weed Isnt That Bad As Doing Any Other Drugs. Its Healthier Than Smoking Cigarettes. People Say We Lose Brain Cells From Smoking Marijuana Well It Wouldnt Matter Because Youu Lose Brain Cells Everyday Either Way. And For Me Smoking Weed Jst Makes My Pain Go Away. It Helps me forget my problems. i could understand why people hate it but dnt judge us smokers.

  13. BIANCA WHITES says:

    Hahah Foreals Thoo Huh Lols ;D

  14. BIANCA WHITES says:

    LOLS !

  15. thinktwice says:

    GrammarNazi, you should know better yourself. Good writers who are grammatically correct will never use an ellipsis for any other reason other than for omission.

  16. CJ says:

    While testing is a relatively effective deterrent, perhaps we should study the root causes of why so many Marines and sailors feel compelled to use and abuse such substances rather dealing with the consequences. 

  17. Marine Corps Production says:

    For more information about Camp Pendleton’s Drug Awareness Campaign contact Consolidated Substance Abuse Counseling Service at Bldg. 16105 or call (760) 725-5538.

    Here’s a link to a simliar resource for MCAS Miramar as well:

  18. Peter says:

    The package is labeled “NOT for human consumption” because otherwise it would need FDA approval.  In Europe they even label it “Bathroom shampoo addon’

  19. GrammarNazi says:

    I am amazed at how intelligently the non-users in this forum sound when they write compared to those admitting and advocating the use of marijuana. It appears that smoking pot either affects one’s intelligence or one’s desire to retain dignity and integrity by … say … using correct grammar and spelling. The more the users and promoters write, the more I am persuaded to stay away from the stuff. I do NOT want to sound like them! 

  20. GrammarNazi says:

    It has been made illegal in some states. Mine, for example.

  21. Marine Corps Production says:

    At the time of the MARADMIN in 2010, it wasn’t illegal in most jurisdictions, which is what that refers to. It was, however, illegal in the Marine Corps when this blog was written in 2011. Since that MARADMIN, the DEA used emergency powers to declare spice as illegal in the United States.

  22. Marine Corps Production says:

    At the time of the MARADMIN in 2010, it wasn’t illegal in most jurisdictions, which is what that refers to. It was, however, illegal in the Marine Corps when this blog was written in 2011. Since that MARADMIN, the DEA used emergency powers to declare spice as illegal in the United States.

  23. SlackerSlapper says:

    Wow! A whole 2.9! That’s amazing!  Isn’t that an alapha grade of a “C” isn’t it? If i remember correct a grade of “C” is nothing more than average.  Or did they lower the standard AGAIN?  I wouldn’t be bragging with that.  A 2.9 will get you a position as the head drive up window cashier at McDonalds.  Yeah,  now I remember that’s where I ran into you and all the other 2.9′s.  It also explains why my order is never right.  Got a light?

  24. D BOWERS19 says:

    seems it happened 2 you just by the way you wrote ur comment, i dont think there is anything wrong with smoking pot, i think you should be aloud 2 smoke it in ur own home, it calms a person down, relaxes you, so befor you put it down, TRY IT !!!!!!!!!!!!1

  25. Anonymous says:

    When I was serving as a Corpsman they did not have drug testing available. It was a shame because I saw alot of brothers going down the wrong path including myself. I am now a drug and alcohol counselor I witness what spice can do to an individual. I am happy to hear that all is being done to save our men and woman.

  26. Scottlietzow says:

    The article says its not legal.  But then it also says its legal both at the state and federal level.  Just another example of the UCMJ trying to screw Marines over.

  27. Billybob says:

    Reefer Madness! LOLOLOL!

  28. David says:

     Glad to hear you’re better. I think it’s more of a personal preference as to what helps you recover but i know if i had PTSD the last thing I would take is a handful of pills every day because some doctor thinks he understands my situation better than I do.

  29. Dbvance07 says:

    All of you stoners say there isn’t nothing wrong with it but your all slow in the head and sure the hell can’t spell lmfao

  30. Fsvevffvfv says:

    “It’s not legal; its not healthy; its not worth it” 

    A couple of lines up, “According to Marine Administrate Message 579/10, many of these substances are not illegal under federal or state laws…”

    You tell me where the DoD is having trouble getting the facts straight…

  31. average joe says:

    you all are very ignorant to this situation. If any of you would actually do your research it shows that there are no long term side effects. yes i understand that this is illegal but there are so many more good things that can come from marijuana than the bad. The only reason people are against marijuana is because they have been brain washed from our government. For marijuana to be compared with cocaine and methamphetamines is pure ignorance if you really want to make a difference stand against alcohol and tobacco. Marijuana to this day is responsible for a death while alcohol and tobacco kill millions very year…… 

  32. Mike_baldi says:

    Marijuana is the cure to many ailments, most of which are listed as ” dangers”. You get sleepy, happy, dopey, bashful, and horny and hungry. Woah now watch out, those “dangers” i listed may be cause for withdrawl! Lmao get real, theres more carcinogens and pollutants in the ” fresh air ” of any city. Id rather suck on a bong than a tailpipe, wouldnt you? Lames.

  33. Brandy Hunt says:

    I have issues with that last statement in the video they no longer need a positive urinalysis to start administrative separations?  So basically if they don’t like you all they have to do is put out the accusation that you’re using this stuff and use that to get rid of you?  Sounds a bit off to me.

  34. Just another stranger says:

    also, track & ‘flied’ (or field) isn’t something too woo hoo. I’m 16 and go to St. George’s School in Newport RI and play Varsity hockey, v. football, and v lax and am on the honor roll straight A’s…never touched a single drug in my life. My point isn’t to be bragging, rather that you can do a lot and not smoke. Justsayin.

  35. Conor Mulcahey says:

    haha where did you hear this? you must be a moron, smoking marijuana does not make you stupid, stupid is as stupid does, you’re either born stupid or smart, you don’t become them.

  36. Elf Queen 13 says:

    I’m a little confused you were still in the Marines when you were prescribed medical marijuana?  I didn’t know that was possible.  Also I would like to know more about how it helps with PTSD as I was diagnosed with that myself and none of the meds they give me seem to do me any good they just mess me up more.

  37. jarhead says:

    USMC wants to spend hundreds of thousands of tax dollars to test the Corps for spice, REALLY…Why not spend the money to help the THOUSNDS that served at Camp Le June NC  that were POSINED by Your base drinking water that was infested with base contaminants that killed our babies at birth and the ones that survived had ALL kinds of birth defects and the men and woman caught all these Rare  CANCERS that we got from this and you new about and have done very little since you learned about it,  Yes i’m sure there are a few handful of marines that are dumb enough to smoke spice,but what you served us day after day and year after year can not be reversed and you have ruined countless families and lives of innocent people. Sincerely the Dead and Dieing.

  38. Clinton Whitt says:

    Yeah…see…I was stupid, I got kicked out because of Spice. It’s not worth it. I actually have permanent brain damage (thankfully not debilitating) from regular use. I used to smoke about 3 grams a day. The actual brand “Spice” is no longer available, but other brands, like Comatose and Feelgood are still in the same spirit. And I almost died using “Black Sabbath,” it sent me to the ER. It’s been about 8 months, and I still have minor tachycardia from it; I’m still “burnt out” from it. Also, I was discharged in August of last year. I still haven’t found a job. I’ve applied to over 45 in 3 states.

    Don’t do it. Coming from this Marine who had everything, and now has almost nothing, it REALLY is not worth it.

  39. MR.GHOST says:

    please sir. go look into weed and its effects. and don’t be so blind about it. thank you.

  40. Baseball8me says:

    cool spelling.

  41. Casey Lough says:

    2.9 GPA? and you can’t spell “Field” clearly it hasn’t made you stupid.

  42. Casey Lough says:

    flied? lmao clearly it hasnt made you stupid…
    Track and Field*

  43. Asc26 says:

     Why would someone throw all the hard work and pride in the garbage for a “synthetic” good time?     —-Because the “real” good times are all illegal!!!

  44. Gdtiago says:

    you know more marines who go get help if when they asked for help they didnt end up at facilities like yours.

  45. Jrwisniewski says:

    I think the Marines and the Military in general need to look at their drug policies. Marines coming home from Iraq are giving tons of mind altering drugs that can be very dangerous and if not stopped properly could lead to withdraw. I was given a crazy cocktail of medication that simply made things worse.  The damage these drugs did to my mind body and career was substantial and not worth it. All of it was given to me by a doctor at the Navy Medical Center in Camp Pendleton California. I developed an addiction to some of these drugs and when i realized they where making my life worse they where very hard to stop. They put me on a drug that caused me to sleep walk. I would walk in to my kitchen in the middle of the night and make a meal and eat it. The medications caused me to gain an excessive about of weight witch made it so I was put on the Marine Corps weight control program that almost made it so I got a medical discharge instead of an honorable discharge. They nearly caused me to get a DU I because of there effect on my mind. I was a zombie I didn’t want any thing do with any one. It cost me my marriage and the life that I was creating for myself. 

    Since then I have received my honorable discharge and stopped talking all medication given to me by the Navy Hospital and switch to Medical Marijuana. It has help my PTSD, my concentration, blinding migraines from a TBI, and weightless. It has helped me become a normal person again. I am on my way to running the best PFT of my life and getting down below the weight I was when I left boot camp. Long story short after working in SACO for just under a year i was taught that Marijuana is bad and that was simply that but my experience is that it helps with a lot more problems with out the side affects and addictive nature of the other drugs. By then end of this year I will be in the best health I have ever been in and I owe it to stoping the drugs that the shrinks gave me and staring on Marijuana. How many careers does alcohol end ever year. The Military needs to look at how it is caring for our retiring vets and stop getting them addicted on pharmaceuticals and start thinking outside the box when it come to drug policy. Meditation, Marijuana, and May hours of exercises and physical therapy has fixed me. 

    Ask any cop when the last time he got in to a fight with some one who was drunk. Then ask them when was the last time they got into a fight with someone who was high on Marijuana. The answer might suppress you. 

  46. uhhh says:

    You all sound pretty stupid, regardless of whether or not you do it. If you’re going to try and make a point on the internet. Try not to contradict yourself with terrible grammar and horrible spelling..

  47. grinder says:

    its field pot head and dont join up if your gonna smoke down if its that important to you by all means waste your life i dont make the rules i follow them

  48. Ivan says:

    that bullshit 14 year old and i smoke pot and i have a GPA of 2.9 and i am in track and flied

  49. nunyabusiness says:

    LOL. pot actually cures most of those symptoms. tequila is a far more dangerous animal.

  50. Julie Mallen says:

    Awareness is so important!!! Praying for our family of humanity to begin to embrace the gift of clean sober living!!!