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Why We Serve Campaign

(U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Reece Lodder)

Upon enlistment, a Marine makes a pledge to protect and defend the United States, its people and its way of life. For many Marines, however, dedication to the American people goes beyond their duty to the Corps. These heroes continue to help either during or after their enlistment in other forms of public service as firefighters, police officers, teachers, nurses, volunteers and more.

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This summer, we would like to salute these heroes who continue to carry the honor, courage and commitment of the Corps to other areas of need in their communities.

Whether you’re a retired Marine, Marine veteran or still actively serving, tell us your own or another inspiring Marine’s story during our Why We Serve Campaign.

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3 Responses

  1. says:

    I want to thank all of you who serve. I heard of this website on the Pentagon Channel. I just thought I would throw this out there because I am at a loss. I am the grandmother of a Marine who has been in Okinawa since May 2011. I raised him on my own since he was 5 wks old because his mother couldn’t take care of him. When he was 16 yrs old I signed a piece of paper allowing him to make his own decision to become a Marine. I always instilled in him to be of service to others. Growing up he raised money for an animal shelter, did volunteer work as a boy scout, was an alter server, donated blood, grew his hair long to donate it to Locks of Love and was a major asset in his HS marching band, and always helped at home because I have disabilities. I recently had surgery and have been unable to do a lot of things. It seems that people are so wrapped up in themselves that I can’t seem to find anyone to help me. I guess because I am a grandmother, even though I raised him I’m not considered a military family. He is the only family I have now and I am the only family he has. Don’t get me wrong, in spite of my disabilities I am a tough lady. I try to be tough for him and support what he is doing and support his friends who are also in the Marines. I could not be any prouder. How can someone in my situation get any help? I am open to hearing from anyone. Thanks.

  2. OneShotOneKill says:

    Marines serve to defend the Constitution and our way of life and to protect the nation from all enemies foreign and domestic.  We don’t serve to build nations, enrich the military industrial complex or the traitors in Congress.  

    One day when the Marines come home from the meat grinder in Afghanistan, they will take the country back from the criminal element that pervades Washington D.C. and I will be happy join them once again.  Semper Fi Devil Dogs 

  3. Dgattshall says:

    I came from a Marine family, 10 of my uncles were Marines, and I am the first female in the family to become a Marine. The most outstanding moment of my service was actually my first few minutes at Parris Island. Being from a military family I thought I heard everything there was to hear. But the drill instructor which by the way is a good 6 inches shorter than me was saying things I had never heard before and I really thought what did I get into. But after boot I loved every minute and to this day 37 years later, I still wish I had stayed in. I love and am very proud to be a Marine and if they would let me back in at my age I would do it all again proudly